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How long does it take to master Guided Chaos Combatives?

3-4 weeks if you practice diligently every day with solid instruction from lessons, books, and DVDs. This is the simple, enhanced, World War II-based system. It is the first part of Guided Chaos.

How long does it take to become proficient in Guided Chaos itself?
How long does it take to become a black belt in Guided Chaos?
How long does it take to become a "master" of Guided Chaos?

Moderate Proficiency (being able to use it to save your life) anywhere from 1-3 years. GCC is the mainstay of your self defense but GC adds "the grease" and higher level adaptivity. To become a black belt, see "GUIDED CHAOS" section below. To become a "master" of GC--potentially 8-10 years but only if you are extremely gifted, open-minded and have access to direct, high level training. Most people 10-20 years, but again you'd need the above attributes. The biggest obstacle is mental. That being said, and all talk of "rank" aside, you will learn how to fight for your life better, faster and with a deeper understanding and execution of critical internal principles (found for example in tai chi, etc.) than with any other system. Just ask our students who were instructors in other systems before finding us.

What is your ranking system?

Red Belt, Black Belt. 5t
h degree Black Belt qualifies you as a master-level student.

Does having a Guided Chaos Black Belt qualify you as an instructor


How do you get promoted and/or certified to teach?

See all information below.
Because of the rapidly increasing popularity of the Guided Chaos system and in order to maintain the highest standards, we have instituted the following pre-requisites for earning rank. We do this to insure that the art will never degenerate into a worthless mass-marketed MacDojo system.

1- You must agree to and comply fully with the Guided Chaos Code of Conduct.

2- In order to be promoted to Black Belt, you are required to have completed 10 one-hour private lessons consisting of 5 with grandmaster Perkins and 5 with any of the Guided Chaos master level students (Tim Carron, Tom Barnett, Al Ridenhour, Michael Watson and Matt Kovsky). As part of this requirement you must have 4 private lessons with master Carron per year. Note that this does not guarantee promotion within Guided Chaos (John Perkins makes the final determination) but it is a prerequisite.

3- For GCC only, successful completion of a 10 lesson series and exam OR regular GCC group classes and exam is required to receive a GCC Course Completion Certificate (see below).

GCC Course Completion Certification:

This is a 10 hour Basic GCC private lesson series followed by an exam, successful completion of which entitles you to a course completion certificate. Please note that this does NOT qualify you to teach GCC which, as explained below, is a separate and far more rigorous process.
If you are interested in the 10 hour Basic GCC private lesson series and examination, it is recommended that you at least become familiar with the material in How to Fight for Your Life and the Companion Part 1 DVD.

NOTE: We also teach GCC group classes at the GC HQ in Elmsford NY. This is a less expensive way of earning your GCC course completion certificate than the 10 private lessons.

GCC Instructor Certifications
are awarded at the discretion of Grandmaster Perkins after lengthy and rigorous testing by Master Matt Kovsky. During the approx. 5 hour test you will demonstrate and teach the entire GCC curriculum and all its drills in a continuous seminar format.

The GCC curriculum can be found in the GCC Manual: "How To Fight For Your LIfe", available from Amazon and on the Kill The Enemy and Companion Part 1 DVDs.
Testing fee for GCC Instructor certification is $1,000.00. If you fail we will coach you in exactly what you did wrong and how to fix it; you get 2 re-tests free. If you fail three times, each retest thereafter is an additional $1,000.00.

NOTE: GCC instructors must retest yearly to maintain their teaching certification. Yearly re-certification testing fee is $100.

GCC Certified Instructors as of 1/1/13:
--Grandmaster John Perkins
--Masters Al Ridenhour, Michael Watson, Matt Kovsky
--Ari Kandel, 4th degree GC
--Al Tino, 3rd degree GC
--Ari Kandel, 4th dehree GCC
--Kevin Harrell, 4th
degree GC
--Yosef Susskind, 3rd degree GC
--Michael Goldman (Former Detective)
--Joe Martarano, 4th degree GC
--Patrick Jones, 2nd degree GC
--Mick James, 2nd degree GC
--Michael Coplon

--Bill MacEachern 7/14/2012
--Devin Ronaldson 12/29/2012
--Omari George 8/18/13
The full mother art of Guided Chaos is another story. Just knowing the exercises and drills intellectually won't cut it. GC has a real "feel" that a person has to work out for themselves through exhaustive self-discovery and experimentation. As such, we just can't churn out "graduates" of a GC course in a given time frame and call them Black Belts. Except in extraordinary circumstances, it would require a great deal of "classroom time" in New York. Some people "get it" very quickly while others can take daily classes for years and never achieve fundamental sensitivity. There are some extremely dedicated individuals out there who train exclusively from our book and videos and have regular training groups. In these instances where their skills have developed enormously, it may require very little additional input from John to gain their official certification. But don't ask us how long it will take you to be certified because we don't know--it all depends on how you're wired and has virtually no connection to any prior training you may have. Some advanced tai chi practitioners (or other internal artists) may have been led down the wrong path in their training and be less apt to demonstrate sensitivity and adaptability than a total beginner. In any case, we simply won't allow Guided Chaos to become mass produced or franchised into a fast-food McDojo system of self-defense. When you're talking about safeguarding lives, you can't hand out responsibility for teaching others irresponsibly. Regardless, John has to evaluate your skills in person, which again means coming to New York. The only way you can get ranking or certification is through John Perkins or one of his master level students (but again, approved by John).

Once you've attained GC instructor certification, you'd have to test with John yearly to keep your certification to teach Guided Chaos officially (lots of people "teach" Guided Chaos on their own but we can't certify them because you never know what they're putting out there: their best guess or synthesized garbage).

Because of the intense level of instruction, dedication and learning taking place at the Elmsford GC HQ, we will be instituting for the first time the intermediate ranking of Guided Chaos Red Belt. These promotions will only be available at the Elmsford location.

Requirements for Red Belt will be perfect execution of all of the foundational GC drills: Ninja and Vacuum Walks (advanced), Long Step, Skater's Step, Backhand Step, Box Step, Anywhere Striking, Starting the Mower, Rolling the Ball, Dry Land Swimming (back and front stroke), Washing the Body, Polishing the Sphere, Hackey Sack, Puppeteering plus the GCC techniques the Prow, CCUE, MLB and Fright Reactions drills. This list may be modified as necessary.

Requirements for Black Belt
will be all of the above plus a GCC course completion certificate (this is distinct from GCC Instructor certification) plus Contact Flow evaluation by GM Perkins.

Remember: as regular GC students, you are entitled to the New Student 1/2 Price Discount on your first purchase of either the 5, 10 or Unlimited Monthly class packages at the Elmsford school.

GUIDED CHAOS certified instructors as of 10/6/12:

--Grandmaster, GC creator, John Perkins
--Grandmaster Tim Carron
--Masters Al Ridenhour, Michael Watson, Matt Kovsky
--Gary Abatelli
--Joe Martarano
--Bob Miller
--Mick James

To have a Guided Chaos Certified School requires a rigorous review, a fee, and express written permission from Grandmaster Perkins and his partners.
To use any of the names or variations of Guided Chaos, Martial Realists, etc. in the name of your school or in a website domain requires additional review, a licensing fee, and express written permission from Grandmaster Perkins and his partners as delineated in the Guided Chaos Code of Conduct.