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"Hi all--

I thought I would write this to assist people who may be in a similar
position to myself - long distance/home study learners (I'm in
Australia so you couldn't get further away from NY) who want to know
about the DVD's, self learning and the personal results you get doing
it this way.

OK - lets take a look at these companion DVD's first. I have 1, 2, 3
and the combat conditioning.

(The book is great but the DVD's take it to an entirely different

ATTACKPROOF COMPANION PART 1:  Great stuff, basic real world self-defense - intro to KCD

ATTACKPROOF COMPANION PART 2: Love this one - great detail about developing the 4 basic
principles. It is very true that without this one you will lose a lot
of the subtleties if you just got the combat conditioning. This DVD
will give you the solid foundation required to master the exercises
and therefore the principles. I had 1 & 2 about 8 weeks before 3 and
it was hard to really know if I really was on the right track. This
all changed when I got PART 3

ATTACKPROOF COMPANION PART 3: Well, this just blew my mind when it arrived last week. Like
pretty much everyone else who watched the youtube and attackproof site
video's your gut feeling is that this is the real deal but the sample
video's do make it look like a slap/fall down fest so a bit of doubt
does creep in.
  I went with my gut and PART 3 rewards you with the keys to the
kingdom. Quite simply this is the best self defence/martial art/
internal external arts training experience I have ever had, and for
the record I have done classical martial arts, fought in mma full
contact fights and done a bit of close combat as well prior.

"PART 3 is so good that you will actually ask yourself what the hell you have been doing all these years."

PART 3 is so good that you will actually ask yourself what the hell
you have been doing all these years. The insights, distinctions,
comparisons, examples offered are done in such a way that you can't
help but experience a total paradigm shift within minutes of watching
- it then just gets better and better.

Conditioning DVD: great product, I use it everyday and for less than
the price of a personal training session it will give you a lifetime of
use. It has speeded up my gains rapidly.

Conclusion: Just buy the entire set - you need 1 & 2 but 3 is where it
all kicks off. Unless you have PART 3 you will not have experienced the
real magic of this art and will continue to ask yourself daft

Here are some things that you might consider:

1. We all know (yes it's a generalisation but quite accurate)  that
many traditional and internal arts attract the weak, fanciful and
pimply - with MMA attracting the athletes and fighters. I was
delighted to see that there was a great mix between the two on the
DVD's. My point being that people with obvious size, strength and
speed are seen at the high end of this art. This is a good sign as why
would they bother with an art that did not allow them to maximise
their natural genetics. The same obviously goes for the smaller and
physically weaker amongst us. In short, natural, powerful fighters are
using this art to get better. Less physically gifted people are using
this art to overcome their disadvantages and become great fighers.

2. I have personally experienced a dramatic improvement in leg work,
power, body unity, balance and looseness (I hope sensitivity as well
but without a current training partner this is more difficult to
evaluate). In just a short amount of time doing the drills things are
clicking that I have tried to get work but didn't via other arts for
years. I can honestly say that doing this home-study style works big

3. Before getting PART 3 I thought that some of the better people I
trained with in the past would be a half decent match for KCD. Since
getting PART 3 I simply can't see how in a real fight anything else
would stand a chance against a skilled KCD practitioner.

"This art is an almighty truth bomb to the self defense- martial art world and I was happy to be blown away!"

This art is an almighty truth bomb to the self defense/martial art world and I was
happy to be blown away !

A note to admin:

1. I think the video's you display on your site and youtube although
attention grabbing (I understand the need from a marketing
perspective) are also alienating a big chunk of your prospective
market. Just a few clips of the exposition and reasoning in PART 3
would answer the majority of the daft questions you obviously suffer
on a continual basis.

anyone out there in either Sydney or Noosa, Australia who wants to
train - let me know.

all the best"

(former amateur MMA full contact fighter)