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"Gain Immense Control Over Your Own Body..."
"If Guided Chaos is a crowning achievement of a thousand years of martial arts development, this DVD is one of the jewels in that crown."

"It is a fundamental breakdown of what you need in order to save your life or the lives of those you love if violence ever shows up. 

"Whether you can make it to classes or seminars, this at-home training tool gives you the ability to gain the fundamentals necessary for increased skill, awareness, mindset, and technique in order to survive a deadly encounter or simply to protect yourself. 

"The DVD and/or the Online streaming version offer a principles based, no-nonsense approach to the dynamics, awareness, and body movement necessary to emerge victorious from a violent encounter. Better still, it is a paint-by-numbers approach to gaining immense control over your own body and awareness and harness your innate martial ability. 

"The teaching is masterfully delivered with simple explanations and demonstrations along with exercises to drive home the learning. If you’re even slightly interested in studying martial arts this is the greatest gift you could give yourself. And if you’re already a martial artist, this training will likely improve any and all of the skills you’ve already mastered."

~~ Devon White, CEO of Field: Brain and Performance Optimization Club / Elite Executive and Personal Performance Coach and Consultant

The Deepest GC Video Yet.
Almost 4.5 hours on 3 discs.

This three day seminar compilation will explode your understanding of Guided Chaos’ unique Body Movement Dynamics, enabling you to create seamless, fluid power, where you need it--when you need it.
 ***Includes 2 BONUS chapters shot AFTER the seminar! 
Get the 3-disc DVD for $125
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Topics include:  

► How to do Contact and Combat Flow the right way for maximum growth
► Fighting in the “future” 
► Hitting from the Void 
► Isolation and Invisibility 
► Getting and staying out of phase to confuse the enemy 
► Removing stylization “traps” 
► Creating Natural Movement and Becoming “Liquid” 
► Integrating critical Slambag drills into your Balance, Looseness and “Natural Movement” training 
► The Pressure Cooker  
...and much, much more, along with intensive Contact/Combat Flow variations work.
Over 50 Chapters with Critical Drills to Enhance Your Combative Skills!
DISC 1--Develop a deeper understanding of GC methods for refining your Balance for combative movement.

1. Opening Music and Animation
2. Intro and Basic Drills
3. Simple Weight-Shifting
4. GM John: Deep Dive #1
5. Proportional Arm Movement/Weight-shifting
6. Deep Dive #2: Unbalancing, Loading the Spring & more
7. Basic Balance Drills
8. Deep Dive #3: Combat Balance/Descending Parabola
9. How to Practice Contact Flow
10. How to Work with Stiff People (not)
11. "Controlling" Means Following, Not Wrestling
12. Equilibrium Stepping Drills
13. Drill: Psycho Tango
14. Descending Parabola
15. Deep Dive #4: Sense Early, Stay Loose, Isolated, Close
16. Fixed-Step Contact Flow
17. Application of Ninja Walk, Vacuum Walk
18. Deep Dive #5: Combat Balance
19. Drill: Long Step
20. Drill: Speed Skater

DISC 2--
Builds on DISC 1 and refines your Body Unity for fluid, dynamic, combative movement.

21. Drill: The Gorilla Walk
22. Drill: Descending Parabola
23. Drill: The Box Step
24. Dropping Prevents Over-travel
25. The Sphere of Influence
26. Drill: Washing the Body, Polishing the Sphere
27. Contact Flow
28. DECEPTION: Iso/Skim/Slide/Ghost/Tool Replacement
29. Drill: Flow/Box-Step
30. Drill: MLB/10 Seconds of Hell
31. Drill: The Pressure Cooker
32. Drill: Contact Flow to Ground
33. Why We Don't "Block”: There Is No "Defense" in GC

--Brings it all together and refines your ability to strike with effortless power from anywhere and everywhere.

34. Fighting in the Future: Unavailable/Unavoidable
35. Training the Zen "No-Mind" State (Mushin) with Contact Flow
36. Multiple Attacker Balance/Yielding/Countering
37. Drill: R.H.E.M. (Relationship of Human Energy to Movement)
38. The ZONE: Awareness & Being in the Now for Real Survival
39: Drill: MELEE (Sensory Overload Training)
40. Drill: Slambag Training with "Ruthless Intention"
41. More Combative Applications of Ninja/Vacuum Walks
42. Drills: Puppeteering/Hackeysack
43. Drill: Multi-Drop Strike Target Timing
44. Drill: Fright Reaction Extreme
45. Drill: Box Step Hitting & Kicking
46. Drill: Contact Flow to Combat Flow
47. Drill: Flow Variation--Stimulation Overload
48. Drill: Fright Reaction Variation--Back-to-Back
49. Drill: Contact Flow Variation: Back-to-Back to Ground
50. Drill: Multi-Target Kicks and Knee Disruptions
51. Hitting From the Void
52. Unbalancing: Doing the Drills Leads to Creativity
53. Adaptive Hitting
54. Entry vs. Long-limbed Attacker, Part 1
55. Deep Dive 6: Entry vs. Long-limbed Attacker Part 2--Unavailable/Unavoidable
56. Drill: String Theory (Iso-Ghosting, Tool Replacement, Skimming, Stepping)
57. Again: HOW You Do Contact Flow Is CRITICAL

WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.

DVD: Approx. 259 minutes total on 3 DVDs, $125 plus shipping and handling. NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

ON DEMAND DOWNLOAD: 259 minutes total, $95. No sales tax or shipping fees. Universal video format: watch on virtually any computer, tablet or smartphone. Buy now and start watching in minutes.