Guided Chaos Code of Conduct
Posted and Implemented 1/22/10


To All Guided Chaos Instructors, Students and Enthusiasts,

2009 was a good year in which a number of great things took place, from the
outstanding seminar given by Grand Master Carron, to our first overseas
seminars as well as the promotion to the rank of Black Belt for many of our
students, including some of our long-distance learners.

As we move forward within the art of Guided Chaos, we have
felt the strong need to now clarify the roles, responsibilities and conduct
for students, enthusiasts and instructors alike.  For the vast number of people
who are a part of the Guided Chaos family much of this is self evident; some
may even think it is long over due, nonetheless in order to reach the next
series of milestones there are a number of things that you all must be made
aware of.

Over the past few years it has come to the attention of Grand Master Perkins
from a number of sources both in and outside of our schools, and direct
personal correspondence to him, that there have been individuals within the
art who have engaged in what can only be defined as unprofessional, unethical
and inappropriate behavior.

In some instances people have overstepped their bounds and mistakenly or deliberately
misrepresented their roles within the art by making claims and statements (both inside and outside of Guided Chaos) as if officially speaking for the art itself. There have also been instances of people issuing "challenges" on behalf of Guided Chaos, opening Grand Master Perkins not only to personal ridicule but, had these incidents resulted in someone
being injured, exposed him (as well as the instructors in his schools) to civil and possible criminal liability, based solely on the misguided actions of a few.  Such conduct is not only unprofessional and foolish but illegal in many states and demonstrates a severe lack of judgment and maturity no matter how helpful these actions may appear to some of these individuals.

In other instances there have been individuals who have denigrated other arts
by attacking the veracity of those systems on their school's web pages, forums
etc., as well as with personal attacks directed squarely at instructors of other
systems of self-defense.  As Grand Master Perkins can attest, he himself has been the
subject of a number of such attacks over the years so he is very sensitive to
this issue.

Additionally, there have been recent instances of people linking Guided Chaos
to their personal web pages such as MySpace and Facebook,  using (and creating altered
versions) of the Guided Chaos name and/or logo, Attack Proof, Martial Realists
and promotional materials, without the express permission of Grand Master Perkins.
Such associations (especially with the way some of these pages are designed)
create the impression that these pages are sanctioned and supported by
Grand Master Perkins as well as Attack Proof Inc.

It has also come to our attention that some of these individuals have posted
offensive photos and allowed others to post offensive photos and links to offensive sites.

What people do on their private pages is their business, however when they associate it
with Guided Chaos they make it the business of everyone who has a stake in
this art, be you master level, distance learner or a novice, and no one has
the right to associate others with what they do in their personal life,
especially where the outside parties might find such conduct offensive.

This list above is but a fraction of the incidents that Grand Master Perkins
has had to deal with over the years--and the incidents are growing more numerous.
This has caused not only personal embarrassment to Grand Master Perkins but has served to damage his reputation as a professional trainer and pioneer in realistic/reality based martial arts and quite possibly has cost him untold thousands of dollars in lost revenue as a direct result.

Many of these things have been done in an attempt by some individuals to
aggressively promote themselves and not for the betterment of the art.  Such behavior not
only cheapens the art which Grand Master Perkins has dedicated his life to
develop but dishonors every student and instructor as well as discourages
potential students (as Grand Master Perkins has discovered) seeking to learn
an effective system of self defense for their own personal protection or that
of their loved ones.

Our past and future connections and work with military, religious, youth, womens' and other groups in the areas of training, investigation and protection is of paramount importance to our organization and we must keep a healthy, moral and appropriate presentation on the part of all our members.

There is enough for us to deal with from outside sources who constantly try to steal and otherwise use our concepts without our express permission. Any internal weakening of our presentation to the world at large only adds to this burden.

All of the above has been verified though personal accounts which have been well
documented. This is stated in order to place the following action in context.

Effective immediately, Grand Master Perkins is implementing
The Guided Chaos Code of Conduct.

As you read through the Code please keep these things in mind.

Adaptive Defense Incorporated:

John Perkins
Grandmaster, Founder, Guided Chaos

Al Ridenhour
7th degree Master, Guided Chaos

Matt Kovsky
6th degree Master Guided Chaos


Due to the rapid growth of the Guided Chaos system worldwide, John Perkins and his partners are immediately instituting the following mandatory Code of Conduct in order to maintain the highest levels of integrity and quality control.

1--Only John Perkins (through his official website is the official spokesman for all matters concerning Guided Chaos. In all these endeavors, Grandmaster John Perkins is partners with Lt Col. Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky.

2--In the absence of Grandmaster Perkins, Lt Col. Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky are the determinants in all Guided Chaos matters, with Tim Carron as adviser.

3--Guided Chaos (Adaptive Defense Inc.) is a trademarked corporation owned by
Grandmaster John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. All trademarked Guided Chaos products are owned exclusively by Grandmaster John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky
. This includes but is not limited to: DVDs, books, eBooks, seminars, T-shirts, Slambags and any other Guided Chaos Trademarked or Service Marked instructional materials.

4--Effective immediately, no other websites or social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc) are authorized to either promote, market, educate or sell certified or uncertified trademarked Guided Chaos materials, DVDs, video downloads, eBooks, classes or seminars including the use or display of the names or variations of: Attackproof, "John Perkins",
Guided Chaos (including Guided Chaos Combatives, Guided Chaos Weapons, Guided Chaos Groundfighting, etc.), Martial Realists, Contact Flow, Ki Chuan Do, Ghostfist or the Guided Chaos logo without the express written permission of Grandmaster Perkins and his partners. In other words, you may go on other sites and pages and describe the Guided Chaos system but you are forbidden from "hawking" Guided Chaos or its products, seminars, classes etc. like a pitchman. Guided Chaos is not and will never be a multi-level marketing company and we will not tolerate it being presented as such by anyone.

To be clear: we're not saying you can't talk about seminars or solicit interest. If someone expresses interest in doing a seminar on a forum that you visit, or if you know someone who might like to host a seminar, great, but you must forward their information immediately to Grandmaster Perkins and his partners at, to be organized, directed and promoted by them. 

5--Going forward and effective immediately, in the event that you are given express written permission by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners to use any of the above mentioned trademarked materials, they are to be used in their original unaltered form. Any altered text or slogans accompanying the logo are absolutely forbidden without the express written consent of Grandmaster Perkins and his partners. Any additional slogans or Guided Chaos related names are also forbidden without express written authorization.

6--Social networking sites or pages (MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc) maintained by Guided Chaos students and instructors are for PERSONAL use only and may not represent themselves as official Guided Chaos sites in ANY manner or form.

7--Anyone misusing or misrepresenting the names or variations of:
Attackproof, "John Perkins", Guided Chaos (including Guided Chaos Combatives, Guided Chaos Weapons, Guided Chaos Groundfighting, etc.), Martial Realists, Contact Flow, Ki Chuan Do or the Guided Chaos logo will be subject to disciplinary action.

8--ALL INSTRUCTORS, BLACK BELTS AND TRAINING GROUP LEADERS: If you represent yourself on your PERSONAL sites/pages or on any public forum (websites, social networking sites or ANY forum electronic or real) as being an instructor of the Guided Chaos system, or mentioning any affiliation with Guided Chaos, etc., it is MANDATORY without exception that you maintain the highest ethical and moral character in your postings as you are seen by the world as "ambassadors" of Guided Chaos. You may not "friend" any person, allow any links or make any posts or links to posts containing or presenting profanity, gross displays of ego or pomposity, defamations of particular styles or individuals of particular styles of martial art or self defense (in other words, no "trolling" and no "flaming"), political rants, pornography or any pornographic related or construed material. You are required to immediately "unfriend," delete and/or ban any such material or persons. If any black belt 1st degree or above is found participating in ANY of the above activities on their personal sites or pages where an affiliation with the Guided Chaos system is also mentioned, they will immediately and permanently be stripped of their ranking and banished from any affiliation whatsoever from the Guided Chaos organization.

To be clear: you are free to talk about Guided Chaos all you like on as many forums as you like; you are free to exchange ideas, stories, what you like about the this art as compared to other arts etc. What you may not do is denigrate another art or it's practitioners by name as a measure of professional respect. For example, it's ok to say: "I have found X technique used by certain styles to be ineffective for these reasons..." as long as you don't mention it by name or specific persons.  And you may not "troll" other sites looking for videos and/or practitioners to "flame."  In simple terms, don't be a jerk. We ask that you maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in all of your postings.

**Important note to all Instructors and students: issuing or accepting "challenges" (matches, throw-downs, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Any student or instructor engaging in this kind of juvenile behavior will be thrown out of the system.

9--ALL INSTRUCTORS, BLACK BELTS AND TRAINING GROUP LEADERS: We also expect you to follow the same high ethical, moral and professional standards on any personal sites or pages you have that DON'T mention any affiliation with the Guided Chaos system. This includes all public forums electronic or real.

10--ALL NON-RANKED STUDENTS OF THE GUIDED CHAOS SYSTEM: We expect the same standard of behavior to be observed as in 7 and 8 above.

a) After 1 or 2 classes, students are required to wear the standard GC shirt.
b) Regular dojo hygiene etiquette is to be followed: clean clothing, clipped nails, cell phones muted. Horseplay or aggressive behavior within the class or seminar environment will not be tolerated.
c) Upper belts or more senior students should refrain from teaching other students except where directed by the instructor.
d) Attendance will be taken for each class; please be prompt. Students must leave the training floor if they are not signed up for a class
following their own however they may observe from beyond the perimeter.
e) Please have exact change if paying by cash. Checks may be made out to Mad Squirrel Productions Inc. Although credit cards will be accepted at the school, we strongly encourage you to purchase classes online in order to avoid taking up prep time for the next class.


NOTE: Being a black belt
of ANY rank in the Guided Chaos system does NOT automatically certify you to be an instructor. This is a separate process and certification. Those who have earned their black belts and instructor certificates are privileged members who are required to maintain the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and respect not only to their OWN art, but to ALL arts in order to maintain their status within the organization. Only Grandmaster Perkins can issue Guided Chaos system certifications of ANY kind.
Instructors who wish to maintain their own schools are required to:
    A- Obtain yearly written authorization from Grandmaster Perkins and his partners. This will involve a review of your school's teaching practices and syllabus. Starting in 2014 or 2015,
Grandmaster Perkins will be instituting a modest annual School Certification Fee to be paid at the end of the calendar year. This will be required to remain a Certified Guided Chaos School.
    B- Having a
Certified Guided Chaos School does not give you permission to NAME your school "Guided Chaos" (or any of the other names or logos in 3 above). For example: John Smith (who is both a certified instructor AND has a Certified Guided Chaos School) may have a school named "John Smith's Self Defense School" but he may NOT call it  "John Smith's Guided Chaos Self Defense School" or use the Guided Chaos logo. To use the name "Guided Chaos" (or any of the other names and variations as in 3 above) in the name of your school you must 1- be a Master-level instructor 2- be approved by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners for licensed name usage and 3- PURCHASE a license from Grandmaster John Perkins and his partners.
    C- Instructors with their own schools must be available to teach every class or else have a fully vetted instructor certified to teach at that school by Grandmaster Perkins. Substitute teachers who have not been vetted for that purpose are forbidden. In addition, ANYONE (other than the certified owner) who instructs at said school must either be an unpaid volunteer or they MUST be a W2 salaried employee of the owner of the school. If you and/or your vetted instructor are not available to teach, the class will be canceled for that day, or permanently if the absence continues.
    D- Instructors with their own
Certified Guided Chaos School are allowed to have ONE school or location ONLY until such time as they are granted express written permission by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners to open a 2nd Certified Guided Chaos School with an additional fee. This is to maintain the highest quality instruction.
    E- In order to earn the privilege of having a
Certified Guided Chaos School, you have to have demonstrated the honor, integrity and professionalism required as clearly delineated in this Code.
    F- All schools are required to maintain proper insurance that is either approved or mandated by Grandmaster John Perkins and his partners.
CURRICULUM: All instructors will teach all students Guided Chaos Combatives (GCC) FIRST, strictly following the Guided Chaos Combatives Instructor Manual
    H- Once a student has demonstrated basic competency in GCC, only then may they move on to the rest of the Guided Chaos system.
    I- All instruction of the Guided Chaos system must strictly adhere to the material in Attack Proof 2nd edition and the official Guided Chaos DVDs and eBooks. No other syllabus or materials, either existing or developed (unless created by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners), will be permitted at risk of losing certification.
    J- Instructors with their own schools must have all students sign copies of this statement and include their email addresses. Copies are to be mailed or emailed to
    K- Instructors with their own schools must read, follow, print out, sign and return to us the following statement:
"I have read and agree to strictly follow the Guided Chaos Code of Contact and will stay up to date on any changes to the Code or the art itself. I will teach Guided Chaos by following the curriculum and principles in the Guided Chaos books, DVDs and classes (as taught at GC Headquarters in NY) and will not change or alter the system's teachings without first consulting GM Perkins and his master students Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. I understand I may explain the art to my students with my own words and methods as long as I do not change the core principles."


1. You need to be certified to teach the Guided Chaos system in your own school or within John Perkins' schools. This is separate from earning a black belt. To be a Guided Chaos instructor, it is mandatory to first be certified in Guided Chaos Combatives. NOTE: GCC Instructors are required to re-test yearly to maintain certification. Certification to teach Guided Chaos itself is subject to Grandmaster Perkins' sole discretion.
2. You need to receive an additional certification from Grandmaster Perkins to have a Certified Guided Chaos School. This involves a yearly fee and review for each location.
3. You may not use the name Guided Chaos or variations of Guided Chaos (or any other names as in 3 above) without 1- being a Master-level instructor 2- being approved by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners for licensed name usage and 3- PURCHASING a license from Grandmaster John Perkins and his partners. This is subject to a rigorous examination process.
4. All Certified Guided Chaos Schools will be listed and promoted on
All Certified Guided Chaos Schools may list and promote only their own classes on their own websites subject to the approval of Grandmaster Perkins and his partners.
All promotional materials of any kind, electronic or printed, must be approved for content by Grandmaster Perkins and his partners.
7. Only certified instructors are authorized to give private lessons. Instructors who wish to do so must have express written permission from Grandmaster Perkins and must carry the proper designated insurance.
8. SEMINARS: All set up of seminars is performed by Grandmaster John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky only. This includes:
    --Official contact with client and media
    --Seminar name (which is always to include "Guided Chaos Presents:..."), as well as seminar content and price
    --Content and design of all marketing materials
    --Selection of venue
    --Design, manufacture and sale of any associated trademarked GC merchandise

We welcome all
Guided Chaos students and instructors to "talk up" and promote interest in the art, however any serious interest in a seminar or any other trademarked Guided Chaos product expressed by a prospective customer is to be referred to GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. Since Matt Kovsky functions as the Guided Chaos business manager, these leads should be passed on to him for consideration by GM John Perkins and Al Ridenhour. No one else should be performing any of these above listed functions. We also welcome input and ideas but final determination is always to be made by GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky.

Guided Chaos Seminars may be conducted only by GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky or designated masters in special circumstances as determined by GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. Assistant instructors for seminars will be assigned as necessary to promote the highest quality instruction depending on seminar size. Assistant instructors are paid a flat fee after expenses to be determined by GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky, dependent on turn out.

Approved contributions made by others to any Guided Chaos projects are compensated with a flat fee paid by Adaptive Defense Inc./Mad Squirrel Productions Inc., the amount to be determined by GM John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. These contractors will be 1099'ed if the sum total of their payments in any tax year exceeds $600 total.

Adaptive Defense Incorporated:

John Perkins
Grandmaster, Founder, Guided Chaos

Al Ridenhour
7th degree Master, Guided Chaos

Matt Kovsky
6th degree Master, Guided Chaos