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No Myth, No Fantasy, No B.S.
(You may not like the truth, but it could save your life)
"Wow that is a great video on use of the cane for self defence, the finest I've ever seen !!! I love your products keep up the wonderful work & again thank you so much." --Herb B.


From the military to civilians and even the police-- knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. Based on the brutal, bloody, forensic homicide research of former detective John Perkins plus Perkins' over 100 seriously violent arrests, this comprehensive 4 part DVD series separates film fantasy from forensic fact and dojo delusions from real combat.


Intro to Knives: Fantasy vs. Reality
   Knife Fighting: Types of Knives
   Knife Fighting Isn't Pretty
   Knife vs. Knife: Fantasy vs. Reality
   Drills: Knife vs. Knife Variations--Myth vs. Reality
   Native American (West Virginian Hill Country)
        Knife Fighting

   Knife on the Ground vs. Knife
   Drill: Knife vs. Knife Agility Drill
   Drill: Knife (or Pen) vs. Multiple Attackers
--by Ari Kandel, 4th degree GC

I've just watched the new Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Knives".
There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that a lot of people will likely be disappointed by this DVD. The good news is that this disappointment could ultimately save their lives. These people include:
1) Those with romantic fantasies of getting into knife vs. knife duels against bad guys and coming through unscathed;
2) Those who think they can easily stop, or even diminish, any attackers instantly with their pocket knives;
3) Those who think that their training enables them to move with and control a knife being wielded by a murderous attacker.
These folks will be disappointed because John Perkins and his students authoritatively explode such myths through realistic training, lots of real experience and thousands of forensic reports.
You'll learn that using a knife against armed or unarmed live humans is nasty, ugly, unpredictable, incredibly fast and impossibly chaotic.
That being said, there are tactics, concepts and training methods that MAY help you in some situations. Those presented include:
--The keys to achieving effective stopping power with a knife or other sharp object. (Hint: one word that begins with a "B".) This concept alone can clear up many of the misconceptions many people hold regarding knife combat.
--Pros and cons of various types of knives and carry methods, and implications and tactics for access while under attack.
--Native American/West Virginia Hill Country attacking methods using the knife. Some of the most aggressive and brutal stuff I've ever seen. And that's before it even goes to the ground. . . .
--"Knife sparring" training drills for improving reflexes, footwork and other attributes. Gotta keep a perspective on reality though.
--Other drills that teach you to use a knife effectively in the midst of chaos.
--How the Guided Chaos principles enhance use of the knife.
--And more. . . .
Even folks who don't fall into the three categories mentioned above may at first be disappointed by the lack of guarantees and prescribed movements in this DVD. Hopefully they'll realize within a couple viewings that John is the only instructor out there (that I've seen, at least) honest and knowledgeable enough to acknowledge the truth about knife combat, and to teach with that truth in mind. Whether people accept it or not, reality remains. Best to learn from it, with the help of this DVD.

Knife self defense DVD  PART 2: KNIFE DEFENSE

Stand-up Kicking vs. The Knife
   Drill: Dog-dig and Run
   Groundfighting vs. the Knife
   Drill: Groundkicking Against Targets
   Close-in Defense: Bare-handed vs. the Knife
       --Myth vs. Reality

   Drill: Bare-handed vs. the Knife
   Drill: Enclosed Fighting "The Hell-evator"


--by Ari Kandel, 4th degree GC
Thomas Edison supposedly said, "Ninety percent of genius is knowing what doesn't work."
Nowhere is that more true than in defending yourself, unarmed, against a knife attack.
If you practice something that is theoretically effective, against theoretical attacks intended (even subconsciously) to allow the theoretical defense to work, you may be badly surprised by the different dynamic of a real attack, right before you are gravely injured.
In the Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Knife Defense," John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and their students go to great lengths to equip viewers with that first 90% of knowledge. They also offer valuable advice to help you begin to fill in the last 10%.
Due to the impossibly fast, furious and chaotic aggression of a committed, murderous attack with a knife, the basic tactics taught are all predicated on maximizing distance between the knife and your vital organs while creating the opportunity to escape, damaging the attacker(s) if necessary to achieve that. These tactics include effective standing kicking (emphasis on EFFECTIVE--good balance and other attributes and knowledge are critical to making this work), kicking from the ground (using Guided Chaos groundfighting methods), and using the "Dog Dig" motion to facilitate your escape or attack. Of course, deep subconscious understanding of the Guided Chaos principles enhances all of this.
The teachings are backed up by true stories of their real-world use. The details of the stories will help you to "get your mind right." Training methods are demonstrated and critiqued.
The realities of hold-up/kidnapping situations are addressed as well. Here again, erroneous expectations can lead to real problems. Both physical and behavioral/psychological dynamics and tactics are addressed and trained. While the unpredictability of such situations precludes any guarantees, as usual, the basic Guided Chaos principles of sensitivity and dropping are critical. So is preventing the situation from getting to that point in the first place through awareness.
A valuable feature of this DVD is an extensive examination of combat in confined space, using the infamous Hellevators (versions 1 and 2). Various training drills are shown to teach how to gain balance, power and other advantages from walls and other structures. Some of these demonstrations get pretty darn brutal.
This DVD will not make you a knife defense genius. However, studying it, practicing the training drills presented, and cultivating the basic Guided Chaos principles will go a long way towards preventing you from becoming a knife defense statistic.


stick fighting self defense dvd  PART 3: CANE VS.KNIFE

Cane vs Knife
   Drill: Cane Alignment for Accurate Striking
   Drill: Spearing with the Cane
   Drill: Cane/Heavy Bags
   Drill: "The Gauntlet"
   Cane Fighting from the Ground vs. Knife
   Drill: Cane fighting From the Ground
   Drill: Cane vs. Multiple Attackers in Close Quarters
by Ari Kandel 4th degree GC
I've just watched the new Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Cane vs. Knife".
This video is very special in that it teaches a LOT more than simply how to use a cane to defend against an attacker with a knife, yet paradoxically, the concepts and movements that it does teach are very few and fairly simple and basic. This makes the DVD and the cane VERY powerful training aids.
The video begins with explanation and demonstrations of the advantages of the cane as a weapon (always legal, always in your hand, stand-off range, stopping power, etc.), and its advantages over other stick-type weapons. John Perkins also dispels some myths regarding how best to use the cane as a weapon. For a variety of demonstrably critical reasons, John dismisses methods that utilize long swings, twirling, and hooking maneuvers with the crook of a crook-top cane. John doesn't even bother to address such nonsense as using the cane as a lever for joint locking and similarly complicated maneuvers, which are nearly impossible to purposefully pull off under real violent conditions.
What we're left with is very simple yet very powerful, adaptable and effective: short, sharp thrusts and hits at all angles, backed up by the footwork and body mechanics necessary to make those movements effective in any situation and environment.
The training methods John presents are ingeniously simple yet very powerful. They typify the biofeedback principles inherent in most of the Guided Chaos training drills. While the first drill shown teaches the proper body mechanics required for achieving powerful short hits with the cane at any angle, it is also an excellent exercise for improving your balance, body unity, dropping power and footwork for hitting with or without weapons. The drills that follow simply up the ante, presenting greater challenges to force the body to adapt and abide by the principles in any situation.
The video goes on to address applying the cane to situations involving groundfighting, multiple attackers and confined spaces and/or environmental obstacles. All of the lessons involving the cane are also useful for combat without a weapon.
Throughout the video, you get to see students of various skill levels go through the drills and receive correction from John. This is very useful, as it can effectively reduce mistakes in your own training, as opposed to just watching a drill being done correctly and remaining unaware of possible pitfalls.
It's important to note that the methods shown on this video are only the most basic, beginning elements of Guided Chaos cane fighting. It is analogous to John Perkins' basic unarmed Close Combat Combatives training compared to the full unarmed Guided Chaos system. Basic and simple, yet extremely effective on its own with only a bit of committed training. A perfect base to build further skills on.
The cane is unique in being the most decisively effective weapon that is universally legal to carry everywhere--provided you know how to use it. This DVD will teach you how to use it very well, and will also help improve your understanding and execution of all combative movement.


Bare-hands to Handguns: Fantasy vs. Reality and
        an Intro to Perkins Close Combat

   Dropping Energy & The Fright Reaction
   Accessing Your Gun Under Pressure
   Drill: Escaping to and Shooting from the Ground
   Drill: Gun Access and Shooting from the Ground
        Under Pressure
   Aim Fire: Isosceles vs. Point Shooting
   Handgun Defense: Fight Or Flight?
   Bare-handed vs. the Handgun: Preparing for Chaos
   Range: When to Disarm
   Feigning Illness to Close Range vs. Running
   When All Weapons Fall: Bare-hands vs. Bare-hands      

--by Ari Kandel 4th degree GC

I've just watched the new Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Bare Hands to Handguns".
This video is equally useful to those who legally carry a concealed handgun, and to those who don't.
Further, many of the concepts and training methods presented are critical regardless of whether handguns factor into the situation.
Salient points:
--Reactive self-defense with a concealed carry handgun is a very different dynamic from the proactive military/police tactical team scenario that much modern firearms training is based on.
--The distances and speeds at which real self-defense incidents go down dictate that the concealed carrier know how to move and fight unarmed, including Guided Chaos dropping, groundfighting and multitasking, if he hopes to be able to use his weapon to influence the outcome of the incident.
--If you go against a handgun bare-handed, you had better be prepared to thrive in chaos, because the real dynamic of such situations is very different from what is presented in most dojos and magazines.
What you get:
--Explanation by John Perkins and Al Ridenhour of the real life experiences and studies that went into the creation of Guided Chaos and the Bare Hands to Handguns program. This will help you "get your mind right."
--Progressive teaching of basic dropping, the fright reaction and close combat, and adapting these to accessing your weapon (whatever weapon you may have) reliably in the midst of chaos.
--Explanation by John Perkins of his intuitive, experiential teaching methods and their effects on the subconscious. This is very powerful information that informs the entire teaching process of Guided Chaos, which I have not seen explained elsewhere.
--Progressive drills run by students and instructors, complete with corrections by John Perkins. It is critical to note that you need to watch, listen to and mentally digest the video, not simply copy what you see demonstrated. The video shows students making mistakes and being corrected in dynamic situations. This is very useful, as it can effectively reduce mistakes in your own training, as opposed to just watching a drill being done correctly and remaining unaware of possible pitfalls.
--John Perkins' sobering explanation of stopping power and caliber considerations, based on his real world experience and forensic studies, as well as a variety of savvy tips about concealed carry.
--Dynamic demonstrations of the effectiveness of sighted vs. point shooting, and static vs. free-form shooting.
--Demonstration of the actual methods commonly used by criminals to hold up and kidnap victims, why they invalidate the disarming methods commonly taught in martial arts schools, and what you need to do to deal with them.
Note that there is no live fire on this DVD. All the demonstrations and drills are done with Airsoft guns, as the point is to teach the dynamics and necessary combative skills beyond the mechanics of shooting. John does remind us several times during the DVD to practice the unconventional shooting methods live fire against targets, and he also points out how the use of real guns would affect the students' performance of the drills.
One thing you will not get from this DVD is easy answers. That's because John is honest about the fact that neither using a handgun in close quarters nor countering one bare-handed is an easy situation to deal with. As in all real violence, chaos rules, and simplified, by-rote techniques have as little legitimacy when guns are involved as when they are not. It behooves the viewer to study the DVD, absorb and practice the tactics and drills, and continue his basic training in Guided Chaos to condition his body and mind to adapt to violent circumstances without hesitation--whether with bare hands or handguns.

WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.

Please Note: there is a couple of seconds of a slight buzzing sound on the DVDs. This is not a DVD error but a noise generated while we were videotaping.

All Weapons Series
DVDs $65.00 each plus shipping and handling. NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.