"I have studied the following to varying degrees (most I dabbled in enough to get a taste): Karate, Tai Chi, Bagua, Jiu jitsu, Shaolin five animals, Cheng Hsin, Tae kwon do, wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ, Capoeira, Krav maga.

After all my research I fully believe Guided Chaos (Ki Chuan Do) to be the most effective combat/self defence style that can be learned in its basic use in the shortest amount of time.

I can respect all martial arts for their particular strengths, but Guided Chaos wins hands down for effectiveness and ease of learning. Though I have a great fondness in my heart for Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Hsing-I Chuan, and especially Cheng Hsin for their philosophical bent (I have a master's degree in philosophy), Guided Chaos is the best (my opinion only) in terms of practicality and effective use of the body as a weapon."

--Samadhi Longo, Ontario
"I picked up 'attack proof' with a smarmy attitude at it's goofy name somewhere around 15 years ago. What I found was the most incredible undercover book on functional internal arts I've ever seen. To this day that holds true and it's never left my top reference shelf."  --Jed M. MS, L.Ac.
" friends in [aikido, taiji and wing chun] could not understand my huge leap in skill and power..."
  --Mark A. Devon, UK
"To John Perkins & Col. Al Ridenhour. In appreciation for taking these old bones under your tutelage & making me feel like a young warrior again. Semper Fi." --Ben Cascio Capt. USMC Ret.

"...the Groundfighting/Hellavator seminar was the best day of martial arts I've ever spent. I've got a lot of work to do, but the skills you and the others shared with me will help a lot."

--Tom, Peabody MA
"Guided Chaos is the first quantum leap forward in martial arts in 300 years."
--Gary Goodman, karate black belt, life long martial arts practitioner, RN

"How I discovered Guided Chaos: My first experience..."
"I work out with any one I can. I let them view my GC DVDs and tell them where they can buy the Attackproof book. Some have black belts in many systems. I am not a teacher, I just want people to practice with, I am just a new person in this, but being in real fights and working as a door man, there is great value in what GM Perkins developed.

I had a person over to watch some of the In the Eye of the Storm DVDs. He watched and first thing out of his mouth was "Why do you have to go slow to go fast?...Open hand strikes--that's how girls fight...This look's like tai chi--that's for old people...This isn't for me." I said "Ok fine by me". He asked "Do you really like this stuff?" I said "I love this stuff but you have to stay with the principles of the system that are in the book". Then he starts with "What if I do this, what if I do that?" "Well go ahead" I said, then he asked "What do you want me to do?" "Any thing you want" I replied. When we were finished, he asked "Where can I buy the book?"

--Art Reynolds

"I consider GC to be something that helps me in all avenues of life. I have studied/trained a lot of systems over the years but I really just try to forget all of those and focus on GC...GC is the only system that is of interest for me. It satisfies me physically, mentally, etc.
Speaking of principles, I have long searched for a system that was truly principles based, as I always felt that was the most effective/efficient/realistic way for the body to move...other systems claim to be "principles-based" but GC is the only one I have ever found that truly is that...I checked out most everything else I could find in terms of "practical" marital arts and that is why I stopped at GC. I truly believe it is the ultimate system!"

--Steve Philliber, San Francisco; GC 1st degree and certified GCC Instructor

"Your system of using the Dropping Energy on striking has tripled the power of my strikes,

I have followed the instructions on your dvds [Guided Chaos Combatives & Attackproof Companion Part 1], what a difference, it is hard to believe even as I am doing it how well your system works."
--Roderick, Los Angeles
"Matt K. & Col. Al are providing world class training by teaching a steady progression of skills & attributes. One thing in particular that I've already benefited from is gaining a better understanding of how the exercises relate to actual fighting, some of which I already understood but now can see much clearer. I also appreciate the close attention that Matt K. & Col. Al pay to each of us with corrections given whenever noticed, thus preventing learning something in not quite the right way & having to unlearn it later. And finally, Matt K. & Col. Al are finding tons of my GC weaknesses, which is what I always hope will happen while training so that I can strengthen them."
--Ted Baker
"This school offers a unique, effective and fun martial art with more weekend hours for adults to train than almost any martial arts school in Westchester or Manhattan. You can practically attend a mini-seminar every weekend. Or just drop in for a one hour class as your schedule allows (weekdays and/or weekends) - it is a flexible environment. The instructors coauthored the book “Attack Proof” and have a history of teaching people of various ages and physical abilities to defend themselves and avoid dangerous situations in the shortest time possible. They teach only what is practical and avoid techniques that look good, but can’t be utilized under chaotic conditions. That may sound like common sense, but it is rare because many martial artists get distracted by learning endless variations on flashy moves that look cool, but are of questionable practical value- you won’t find those here. This is a great group of people teaching/learning a great art. What they teach is immediately useful, but the principals can be further developed over a lifetime. We are very lucky to have this school in Westchester."
--Brian Crowley
"This is the stuff you want to know for that moment you hope you never have. I've read about, observed, and analyzed a lot of different "styles" in the hope of finding the real deal when it comes to self-defense. Well I found it in Guided Chaos. No sport, no trophies, no BS. This is the real deal!! And Elmsford is the Headquarters for this. Everything is taught here from basic combatives (WW2 style) to Contact Flow to advanced ground fighting (which is frighteningly effective and deadly) and combat "dirty" boxing with occasionally some practical weapons (stick, knife) for good measure. The Conditioning drills are taught with attention to detail and application to real fighting. The class sizes are small at present , which makes for a lot of individual attention from Masters Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky. Grandmaster John Perkins also shows up regularly to reinforce what the Masters have taught. I am taking advantage of the small classes because this won't last long. I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in having a fighting chance to survive the unthinkable come check out what the Elmsford Guided Chaos Training Center has to offer. It truly is priceless."
--Roberto Casanova

Devon White"From the teachers to the attitude to the style of the art itself, this is the best school I've ever attended. At 36, I've moved often and so had a chance to sample but never master a number of styles from kung fu to tai chi, aikido, brazilian jiu-jitsu, shotokan and tae kwon do; hands down this has been the best experience. I don't feel the need to ever study another style. In eight classes, I am now far better prepared to survive an actual life-threatening attack than I've ever been. And yet, I could easily and happily spend the next ten years studying Guided Chaos, working to master the subtleties of the art. Also, everyone I've worked with, from Grandmaster John Perkins to Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour to Matt Kovsky, has been wildly skilled and easy to work with. A variety of styles at the instructional level has led to fast and effective learning and new personal abilities. If you're into martial arts - especially real-life applications, this is worth every second of the time it takes to check out."
--Devon White, Founder Human Operating System
"Guided Chaos was created by John Perkins, who, as a law enforcement officer, crime scene expert and unsanctioned pit fighter, combined his involvement in over 100 deadly fights with his lifetime of study of different martial arts styles. The result is a fighting system that is exceptionally effective in real-world situations because every move has its basis in subduing a real opponent or opponents, and not in following a stylized form, kata, or scripted attack. I learned more about defending myself in my first month with Guided Chaos than I had in my many years of training with any other style."
--David Teich

"I started this training to improve my balance and learn a few potentially useful things while doing so. I've has done that and much more. The instructors take the time to explain, demonstrate and work with students to develop both their conditioning (think balance, not pushups) and their skills. The result is the ability to adapt to many different circumstances and confidence to go with it. This class is about useful skills and freedom of movement, not forms and drills. it is well worth trying."
--Ed O.

"The classes are excellent- they're very comprehensive. I feel like I've learned more in the last few weeks at the new facility than I've learned in the last 5 months at the previous location. It’s like I’m getting a private lesson every night. We get right down to business, no horsing around.

I’ve studied many different martial arts throughout my life including Krav Maga, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and even boxing. The system of Guided Chaos created by John Perkins is like something from another planet. It takes the best components from different martial arts and combines them into one master art. There’s nothing like it. Oh yeah, it’s super fun too.

Masters Matt and Al are the main instructors and have been practicing Guided Chaos for over 20 years each- so you’re not getting a 23 year old kid telling you to do some random exercises. If you're really serious about self defense and you want to get better, you should check it out."
--Santino T.
"I just got the Combat Boxing DVD. I love it!! This is exactly what I've been looking for...
Combat Boxing DVDI've been doing martial arts for years and this really sets everything else apart. Also, in the one confrontation I was in since I've been doing this, I did a light Dropping palm to the rear of his jaw bone and rocked my opponent, just enough to get away and get me to safety. He did not want to fight or get close to me after that. I felt confident and it happened before I could think!! The Dropping technique is by far the coolest thing since Bruce Lee was alive! I learned it in the Companion DVD
series [Part One
and it took my game to a new level. Gave me incredible speed and power at close range!! The strike that I delivered above was probably a 6 inch strike with a very light drop..."

You have a great unique style!! That's why I love Guided Chaos cause you basically make it your own to fit your mindset and personality!

...I choose this over all the arts I've learned!

It just makes sense to let your body take over without any thought or pre-planned series! I still have to deal with this at my dojo but I know where it's at in reality and train all 5 senses to keep myself and GCC first! I love this stuff!!

...When I spar in class, sometimes we have point sparring and others just for time. So when we do just time, I get in and just go off with my hands and using a constant Drop for unbelievable speed and of course pulling all my strikes to a bare touch and just overwhelm my partner to the wall or they curl up in a ball!! Thx!!"
--Ken J, Shelby NC, black belt Shorin Ryu
Deputy Chief Steve Shatkin, NJ State Humane PoliceI was navigating a crowded intersection in Manhattan one evening during a recent snowstorm. After dodging the puddles and the people, I continued on my way. I heard a loud voice coming from behind me but didn’t think much of it and continued walking. Suddenly to my right appeared a man about my size (6’) and age 56. He starts barking at me that I bumped into him in the intersection. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about and to basically get lost. I increased my walking speed to see if that would be the end of it but he persisted and attempted to come up to me again. This time, I did a fright reaction and stopped dead in my tracks, forcing this guy to stop short – literally with my elbow almost touching his nose. I let him know in no uncertain terms that next time I will not stop. Had I chosen to be more aggressive, I could have broken his nose or eye socket, but that would have entailed a whole lot of paperwork and wasted time. He looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights. I continued on my way and he blended into the crowd and disappeared.

Deputy Chief Steve Shatkin
NJ State Humane Police
Guided Chaos student

Money Well Spent, September 28, 2006
(Harrisburg, PA USA)
when it comes to martial arts books, it doesn't take the reading of too many reviews to sense the "macho" of so many reviewers--the self-proclaimed tough guys. The best kind of self defense book--the very best!--teaches first and foremost that "the pride that gets us killed" must be purged from our minds. There is good pride; and there is bad pride. I believe that John Perkins recognizes the difference and makes the point.

My positive review, then? There is no need to rehash the accolades below; they are spot on. Regarding those who "poo-poo" the book, I offer this:

"Had I relied upon Brazilian Jujutsu (which has it's place) or Isshinryu Karate (my main discipline), I would not be here to write this. I relied on that which Mr. Perkins now promotes..."

Only once have I ever had to defend myself in true "life or death" combat. What a truly horrible, horrible experience. I was deemed the victor. The only benefit realized was my condition (albeit bruised): I wasn't dead. Had I relied upon Brazilian Jujutsu (which has it's place) or Isshinryu Karate (my main discipline), I would not be here to write this. I relied on that which Mr. Perkins now promotes, and I did so--naturally--long before I read the book.

The Essence of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: The Literary Tradition (North Atlantic Books) is a wonderful book, but it can be mystic to some. Mr. Perkins, however, presents essentially the same thing but in a way that all of us can understand. Better yet, in a way that might save us from destruction at the hands of some lunatic.

Conclusion: 5-stars from me. The text, grammar, style? Excellent. The exercises? They are not easy, but they make me feel ready, confident, and fit. The guided chaos? The chaos, unfortunately, can be found almost anywhere these days; the "guided" you must find within, and you must nurture it. If you are lazy, this book is not for you. The future? To the dismay of those reviewers who cry foul, I will eventually buy some John Perkins DVDs. Some may cry "gimmick," but I don't care. While they may be thinking "gimmick," I will be thinking "attackproof." I prefer the latter. And I think you will, too."

Dear Sir:
I have just finished reading one of, if not the best, book on personal protection and the Mayhem of street conflict. The title was “Attack Proof”. Unfortunately a lot of Bookshops here in Australia do not carry this book

They should.

"I have Black Belts in Karate, Jujitsu and Ninpo Taijutsu. In many ways I felt I have wasted all those years training. If only I had seen Attack Proof earlier."

With my Birthday tomorrow, I will get my wife to order the video tape, to complement the book, as a birthday present.

I hope you plan to expand down here to Australia.

I have bought Attack Proof for a Buddy who is in the SAS, and to borrow a quote: “It is light years ahead of what they are being taught”. The book has been stolen 3 times and he has got it back and keeps it locked away now. One of my Martial arts friends has purchased ATTACKPROOF from Borders books shop, he was blown away by the simple effectiveness of the art. At Training last night I had a girl who is a 4th Dan Tae Kwon Do black belt drop in and have a look . In the back of the book it talks about how to deal with kicks ! Well she did a fast spinning back round house and I kicked her in the butt as she turned her back on me. She Phoned me to tell me she has a 10cm round bruise on her rump, and that she is coming to
training from now on ( another convert).

Just from your book I have shown so many people that fancy and high does not work. I tell them KIDS- Keep It Direct & Simple.

I have applied the Mexican Hat Dance at training (da did id da da da ), works a real treat. The more I read ATTACK PROOF, the more I am convinced that Master Perkins is our era's version of Mister's Fairburn, Applegate and Sykes. I wish we had more of your type of system here in Australia.
--Darren, Martial arts instructor, Australia

This is Jeet Kune Do as envisioned by Bruce Lee. I studied Tae Kwon Do for several years and stopped because of the rigidity of not only the style but also the mentality of the practitioners. I got a copy of Tao of Jeet Kune Do and found some freedom in it because of the concepts and radical ideas that Bruce Lee put forth. Now I have a copy of Attack Proof and I am on my second reading.

"I believe this is the way Bruce Lee would have wanted his Jeet Kune Do to evolve. I also believe that Tai Chi, if practiced the way it originally was intended would be no different from Ki Chuan Do."

I believe this is the way Bruce Lee would have wanted his Jeet Kune Do to evolve. I also believe that Tai Chi, if practiced the way it originally was intended would be no different from Ki Chuan Do. I salute John Perkins.
--Saleem from NJ

I placed an order from you and you were of the utmost assistance. The materials are tremendously helpful. Even our younger children are practicing with us. They feel safer--it adds to the safety courses they already attended. We are talking pre-teen. Thanks a lot.

…I have seen too many kids running around with their white robes and colored belts; totally self absorbed  with  their apparel and not their surroundings.   If people pay attention to just some of your suggestions, they and their kids would be safer. MY daughter of a proud 70 lbs.,asked me why the  girl that was grabbed by the arm and led away as advertised by the media a few years back- did not just pull out a pen or pencil and attack until the moment of release and escape, or drop to the ground and kick to the face screaming. So just one small thing among the many you mention can make a difference; it does take practicing this possible behavior to become reactive at the necessary moment; but with the proper knowledge and parent/tutor reinforcement; kids realize they have the power to self defend. And your program touches upon that. So thank you again.


…You realize some parents will put their small children in karate classes and then are horrified when a 120 point kata does not connect once in real life; because of lack of self confidence and misapplication. I am a full believer a child should use any force necessary to defend and escape a predator. As adults we have to worry about using excessive force. But for children involved in instances when they are in the process of  being abducted; it is war--- and unconventional methods are necessary.


The Best! I have done Tae Kwon Do and jujitsu, as well as judo and boxing, and read a lot of martial arts books. This one is the best.

"The author has... REALLY FOUGHT in real life situations unlike a lot of martial arts authors who have only "fought" - i.e. sparred - in the dojo."

One reason is that the author has so much experience (he was a cop and taught cops and Marines, and has REALLY FOUGHT in real life situations unlike a lot of martial arts authors who have only "fought" - i.e. sparred - in the dojo). The author says up front what the reality on the street is, and illustrates that with real life stories from the streets of New York. He tells the reality - that fights are not "choreographed" like in the dojo, but are "mayhem" and "chaos". Every fight is different, and you don't have time to think which defense to use, you have to intuitively know it, and then flow into the fight. That is the problem with most martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, they teach choreographed fighting. Many, many black belts have been "sucker punched" or even killed in bar fights or on the streets, while smaller, untrained people survived, because their reaction, or response was better. The author gives the example of a small woman defeating a 300-pound felon in an elevator as a good example of that. For modern "street survival" in America (or anywhere), I would recommend this book and the book "The Gift of Fear", by Gavin de Becker - for a little more on the sociological and psychological side of the criminal. I hope a lot of people read this book ("Attack Proof"), because I think it could save some lives.
--John from Dallas, Texas

At last I have found the holy grail of combat. For years I have been like a leaf in the wind, traveling from one school to the next looking for something that would save my life on the street.

Your system is the answer. The question is considering the deadly effectiveness of the techniques, how do you practice these,with another person, and not end up destroying each other?

If I destroy my training partner, I will not have anyone to share a beer with, and his wife, who I will have to deal with is pretty good with a kitchen knife.

I wish I had known about you guys 5 years ago when I was still living in NJ.
--Brian, NJ

I have recently read your book titled "Attack Proof." I found that its theory and applications coincide with my longtime feelings on combat martial arts. I myself, understand the reality of street combat, coming from a family of law enforcement. As I came up through the arts learning Judo and Kempo, I too began to see a need to train for the unseen circumstances of real life combat. A few years ago I developed a system loosely based on some of the points you make, and also, based on my life experiences. I have seen in your book that you have really grasped these real life concepts, and from one martial realist to another I commend you for your work. Once again thank you for what you have contributed to the martial world it is definitely needed, and you touched on it superbly, thank you.

I have over twenty years of experience in the field of psychology and have been involved closely with many cases of female battering cases and situations far worse. While there are some great books out there such as THE GIFT OF FEAR by Gavin De Becker I have found that although these guides help in assessing the potential dangers of certain individuals they fall short in the area of what to do if you are actually suddenly attacked. I have been taught by various members of local police departments on how to defend myself and have seen many videos as well as studied the methods of authors of self defense. I found that the information in ATTACK PROOF by John Perkins has been the most effective in helping women overcome a great amount of anxiety and has actually aided them when it came to having more courage when it came to actual legal actions. It is the one book which in reality gives the female an even playing ground when it comes to facing danger in the form of a dangerous man.

If you are in trouble or know someone who is then along with getting help from professionals in the field of women's safety get this book. I can't recommend it enough.
--A reviewer from NY, NY
  "I can't stress enough how serious this book is."

I have read many martial arts books in my life and most of them had nothing to do with the blood and guts of actual mayhem as it visits you on a personal basis. After some time in my youth of getting beat up just going to school nearly every day my father realized that I needed to learn how to defend myself. After many years of classes in classical martial arts I found that I still couldn't handle the really tough street fighters that I came up against. I later found that there was a thing called Close Quarters Combat. I learned some of the basics from an ex marine and found it to be more vicious than anything else. I then read many books and have seen many videos on CQC and stumbled across Attack Proof by Master Perkins and Major Ridenhour USMC and a whole new world of fighting ability became available to me. I can't stress enough how serious and on the mark the information in this book is for the person who is serious about protecting their life in a life and death altercation. Check out this book and their website. Good Luck.
--Reviewer from Oakland, CA

Whoa! KILL THE ENEMY is awesome! Great stuff!
Just got 3 copies of Attack Proof book from Amazon - will distribute to friends. We may form a small group over here, but anyway, I'm starting training on my own.
--Steven, Japan

I have renamed your book "the tao of self-defense". It is clearly a magnum opus amongst self-defense books.

  " to fight for real from deep inside."

I have thoroughly read ATTACK PROOF and have compared it to various books on close quarters combat and internal and hard style martial arts. I at first thought that the book was about self-defense but found it to be a serious guide to a well integrated martial art. If you are interested in how to fight for real from deep inside then get this book. My background is in law enforcement. I've studied extensively both in police/military technique and have applied them for real. I have also studied Tai Chi Chuan, Shoot Fighting, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Karate over the last two decades.
--Jeff, a real fighting fanatic

“I have enjoyed your book very much and this is what I have been seeking for a long time. A simple, down and dirty system of defense that is no frills and is direct, immediate and devastating. If possible I would look forward to corresponding with you or your staff and exchanging ideas, training tips, etc. I have been involved with the martial arts many years and this is the best most effective system I've seen come along in a long time. Thanks to you and your staff for all the work you put into this book and video series.”

“I just finished the first chapter in Attackproof, "awareness". I have two things to comment on. First, thank you for dedicating an entire chapter to this subject. I have been saying for years that self-defense is at least 90% in your way of life and how you handle things every day. Most people understand this but still just want to punch and kick. Everyone has the superhero complex at first though, even I did. That superhero complex was completely nullified when I was sitting in the medical building at the CB base in Gulfport, MS. I looked up at the wall and saw a row of pictures of Medal of Honor recipients. As I'm sure you know, the vast majority of them were honored post-mortem. What this showed me is that superheroes are for comics and movies. Real life superheroes are admirable, but also usually dead. Personally, I'd rather have no ribbons or medals and continue to live. The second thing I'd like to comment on is the overall approach to the subject. I've become somewhat immune to stories and such from the many I've heard from military personnel. Though the surprise may be gone, I still learn from them when they are told to me. The organization and situations provided in the chapter were great. It’s nice to finally see a book that dispels the many myths out there. I'm trying to take reading this book a little more slowly to let it sink in rather than just remove it from the "to read" list.

“I've read Attack Proof and think its one of the greatest books on "real" self defense ever! The combination of internal concepts like sensitivity, balance, looseness and flow with hard-core combat principles like low punishing kicks and open hand strikes to the eyes and throat make it a real winner. I felt like you were outlining everything I've been missing in my own martial arts practice over the last ten years!”

“At our training we are going to be applying "Gang Attack" training from Attack Proof. It is considered our Text Book.”

What some people call traditional martial arts training, I prefer to call conventional. I have been learning the old fashioned methods on internal Chinese martial arts (Tai Chi, Xing Yi) and I was pleasantly surprised that the concepts that are in ATTACK PROOF are almost precisely what I have been taught. I applaud Mr. Perkins, Mr. Kovsky and you for the best book on hand to hand combat that I have ever seen.

"I have made this book required reading for my students, as well as required reading for security personnel that I help train."

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts to educate the public. Thank You!
--Jay D.

Hi Master Perkins. It has taken me close to 30 years to find a reality based system that is timely and practical, such is yours. Your book "ATTACK PROOF" has been a cornerstone in my personal training and I have been doing considerable reading and studying of WW 2 combatives ala Fairbairn, Applegate, Styers, and Biddle and have adapted many of their
concepts to my programs.
--Sensei Jules, NY

     "Likely to become a classic text on

Anyone interested in self-defense should read this book - regardless of previous martial arts experience. The information is provided in such a logical and interesting way that it should be easy for a beginner, or an advance martial artist, to benefit from reading it.

The first chapter, called "Awareness", provides extremely valuable information on avoiding potentially dangerous situations. The topics include safe jogging, home protection, travel, car-jacking, muggings and more. This short chapter alone could keep you from making a mistake that could cost you your life.

Then the book really kicks into gear with the basics of close combat and then moves through some of the essential principals of John Perkins' methods of self-defense. There are many drills in the book that are very simple to perform (most can be done alone). The drills develop the attributes necessary to survive a violent encounter. Experienced martial artists will probably be impressed by the way that advanced concepts from other martial arts are conveyed in these drills so that the concepts become practical and spontaneous in a short period of time.

This book contains truly cutting-edge material and, in my opinion, is likely to become a classic text on the subject of self-defense.
--Brian C., NY

  "Light years ahead of anything I had seen."

This book is a terrific source for learning real life self defense. It presents, explains and illustrates - in a clear, straight forward manner - how people can avoid becoming a victim, as well as how to successfully defend against virtually any kind of physical attack. It is based on the principles of Ki Chuan Do, the martial art that was created by John Perkins.

I attended a seminar by Master Perkins and his colleagues several months ago, and I was astounded by the effectiveness of Ki Chuan Do in action. The ease and speed with which Perkins - along with several of his students - made short shrift of various attackers, was simply amazing. These were not rehearsed or choreographed "plants", as I was later able to verify, but actual volunteers from the audience, some of whom were advanced black belts in different martial arts.

I have trained as a kick boxer for a couple of years in a Tai Chi school that has a reputation for turning out good kick boxers. But seeing Ki Chuan Do was a revelation. It is based to a large extent on Tai Chi prinicples, but it is COMBAT Tai Chi combined with various other combat arts, and is light years ahead of anything that I had seen or experienced before - either in Tai Chi or any other martial art.

The Attack Proof book takes the basic principles of Ki Chuan Do and explains how they can be used effectively by anyone, regardless of their physical condition or experience. A great companion to this book would be the Attack Proof video, available at

There are loads of methods being taught out there for people who want to learn how to defend themselves against attacks in a dojo. But if you want to learn how to defend yourself against attacks in real life, I highly endorse this book.
--John G, Long Island NY

 "What I knew [now] worked much more freely."

I have been involved in a good number of fights from push/shove to knives and clubs in my life. I lived in southern Fla. for over 10 years in the eighties and worked as a bouncer in a few rough places. I trained in Judo and various forms of Kung Fu and Karate over a period of 16 years. I have read the books and seen the videos from many of the gurus of "real fighting" many from Paladin Press. Much of the information seemed to have been written by guys who have backgrounds in the real world. Some of the stuff will just plain get you killed. The martial arts that I studied also had some good techniques, but most of them only worked when I knew what was going to happen ahead of time. After reading ATTACK PROOF and applying some of the concepts I found that much of what I already knew worked much more freely without a setup. I can hit much harder than before and can keep my feet as well as my head when the fight is on. I just want to thank the authors of ATTACK PROOF for their great contribution to the world of keeping alive.
--A reader from West Palm Beach, Fla.

"Stunning in it's simplicity...
this stuff works!"

The “O.J. Defense” notwithstanding, violent confrontations, with or without weapons, are over in seconds. If you are the intended victim, your response must be immediate -- pre-emptive – to have any chance of succeeding. The popular forms of martial arts, while often good sport and exercise, require many years of training to have any effect. Even then, in the split-seconds available to counter an attack, you are at risk of not engaging the precise choreography required to counter a specific choreographed move by the attacker. More to the point, your attacker probably doesn’t know the particular ballet you learned. Under the influence of psychosis, too much (or not enough) drugs, or the adrenaline rush of committing an armed robbery, the bad guy will be coming at you in a chaotic, unpredictable way.

I was first told of John Perkins' methods by two retired, high-ranking Yonkers, New York cops who had worked with him. His legendary prowess in violent confrontations was matched by his skill as a forensics homicide investigator. This, combined with a lifetime of traditional oriental martial arts and Native-American ground fighting studies, led to the evolution of a system that is stunning in its simplicity. Perkins may not be the first proponent of “attack the attacker,” but he sure does have a knack for teaching it. Starting with basic awareness, this book brings home the concepts of balance, looseness, and a system that he refers to as “guided chaos.”

It is liberally illustrated with sequential photographs of the basic moves (not orchestrated dance-steps) and practice drills that prepare you to act instantly in dangerous situations. There are helpful pointers throughout. Sidebar accounts of actual violent confrontations make this much more enjoyable than just an excellent textbook, although it certainly is that also.

Disclosure: After reading, enjoying, and gaining confidence from “Attack Proof, the Ultimate Guide to Personal Protection,” this reviewer, a fifties-something, financial services executive, found that Master Perkins teaches classes in the next county and signed up. Can a “disciple” be an honest reviewer? You bet! Perkins’ methods simplify what you must know to deal with violent confrontations. This stuff works.
--Barry R. from Blooming Grove, NY

I'm a martial arts practitioner from Scranton, PA. I’ve been training my whole life in both external/internal arts. I love the internal arts, but it always seems that everyone is so focused on forms and external appearances, instead of focusing on awareness and other internal attributes that are conducive to both well being and surviving a violent conflict. I was excited when I started reading Attackproof. the concepts reminded me of what Wang Xiangzhai was doing when he created Yiquan by removing all forms and techniques to focus on awareness, balance, and economy of motion. Your system does these
things while also focusing on the realities of violent, chaotic conflicts. I’ve been doing all the solo drills from the book, and so far, the results have been amazing in such a short time.

"I can feel in my heart of hearts that this is the single most important contribution to true combative arts that I've come across in years."

I can feel in my heart of hearts that this is the single most important contribution to true combative arts that I've come across in years. I haven't felt this strongly since I first read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do almost a decade earlier.

When I first flipped thru the book I thought the authors were a bit on the goofy side. You know what I’m talking about if you have looked at it when it comes to some of the exercises in the book. But I tried them (anywhere strikes and balancing drills) and I can't believe the improvement I've made. When I'm sparring, things that I didn't know I didn't know keep popping up. It’s an excellent book, but not one to read through and throw back on the shelf. This isone you have to practice with to get.
--Kenneth, Fresno, CA

For those of you interested in surviving violent crime which is a very common threat to survival which IS real (muggings, car jackings, rapes, etc.), I would like to personally recommend the following resource:

These people offer a video and a book both of which I have recently reviewed and can vouch for as highly effective and quick to learn.

Best of all, these simple procedures can be learned without being physically fit. The book covers the same information as the video, but is designed more for the accomplished martial artist. The video covers close combat moves which are primarily instinctual and therefore very easy to learn.
It's the best I have seen in over thirty years.

If I sound over enthusiastic, I apologize. I do not personally know the authors but having taught street self defense for many years can state that this approach is a short cut to truth.... and survival.

The popular myth is that learning self defense requires years of work and excellent athletic prowess. The opposite is true. In fact there is a lot of garbage out there purportedly being taught as self defense which will get you killed in a serious street situation. All the Hollywood nonsense has only made things more, not less, confusing. This video is an eye opener and a valuable resource.

So if you wish to quickly learn effective self defense against street violence and help ward off another meaningful threat to your survival, please consider ordering and viewing the videotape "Attackproof".


It is the best bridge between internal and external, and internal arts to fighting that I've seen so far.

This one is a real sleeper and the title is a fooler. It is the best bridge between internal and external, and internal arts to fighting that I've seen so far. He is missing some things with regard to Neijia but good material none-the-less. Some incredible training drills here.
--Rich B

Dear John PERKINS and friends; I would just like to say that I really enjoy your attack proof manual. So much so that Mike and I have started teaching it in our little Tai Chi dojo. I have been a policeman for 29 years this summer. Without going into our backgrounds we both know what crime is and enjoy preparing people for a "real struggle" in a sometimes ugly world.
--Terry, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada

I like drills from your book more and more. After having the complete idea of your work I will start to use them in my training with students. In fact the natural way of working is something that is taking my attention. And reality, of course.

I have been in Aikido since 1980. (Now I am 47, a computer engineer, graduated in 1978, also physiotherapist). My teacher told us that the Japanese system of training is too rigid and very unpractical. He has trained police and military forces.

After passing thru some Aikido styles ( ten-do-kan, ki-aikdo, Yoshinkan ) I realize more and more that it has no connection to reality. And that the key is methodology of training. Aikido people are just keepers of techniques. They are memory.

An eye opening for me was meeting an American guy - UE Embassy escort man [trained in the] Fairbairn system from WWII.

Then changes started.

In our Aikido - if I can use that name, we use basic Yoshinkan for the beginners. Then we add more reality - more fluency and more natural thru body evasions, punches and kicks. It looks like Systema. Than we add clinch techniques, throws and takedowns. At the end we are passing to the basic ground fighting (BJJ) ( - Based on Matt Thornton - An excellent guy. ) Our primary goal is to stay standing and to go out of ground as soon as possible.

After feeling all of this I believe I will not get back to Aikido. Now it looks pretty silly and naive.

All the best,
--An Aikido instructor from Bosnia

I studied Silat and Filipino arts, I really enjoyed them but found something a little amiss so I went to looking into Hsing-i ba-gua and taichi I really liked what I saw but again I felt the "teeth" either wasn't in these arts ever or had been removed through time, then started looking into Military hand to hand material as well as taking a look at Peyton Quinn’s Adrenal response stuff of which was a real eye opener but still enjoyed all of them. So basically resigned myself that I would have to study numerous systems and pick out what works etc.

Montreal almost exactly a year ago I saw and bought ATTACKPROOF. You stated both hand to hand combat as well as taichi as inspirations for your work. Saw a lot of the questions I had about Real body mechanics and how they applied to actual attacks and your credentials looked very impressive. I have since read it numerous times. I got all of your videos and watched them, at that point I got to see it in motion and saw a lot of the things I thought ba-gua and hsing-i experts were supposed to be doing with their art 50 yrs ago and a bunch of stuff that I never knew was out there. Frankly it has all the interesting things I like about the internal art without the "esoteric" stuff and the good common sense of Sykes Fairbairn lore.
--Chad, Tulsa OK

"This book is a terrific source for learning real life self-defense. It presents, explains and illustrates - in a clear, straight forward manner - how people can avoid becoming a victim, as well as how to successfully defend against virtually any kind of physical attack. It is based on the principles of Ki Chuan Do, the martial art that was created by John Perkins.

I attended a seminar by Master Perkins and his colleagues several months ago, and I was astounded by the effectiveness of Ki Chuan Do in action. The ease and speed with which Perkins - along with several of his students - made short shrift of various attackers, was simply amazing. These were not rehearsed or choreographed "plants", as I was later able to verify, but actual volunteers from the audience, some of whom were advanced black belts in different martial arts."

I attended a seminar by Master Perkins and his colleagues several months ago, and I was astounded by the effectiveness of Ki Chuan Do in action. The ease and speed with which Perkins - along with several of his students - made short shrift of various attackers, was simply amazing. These were not rehearsed or choreographed "plants", as I was later able to verify, but actual volunteers from the audience, some of whom were advanced black belts in different martial arts."

I first became aware of close-quarters combat movements from John Kary's videos and the Applegate/Fairbairne book a few years ago. After that, two years of Tai Chi, two years of Pa Kua and extensive reading and trying things out on my own have convinced me that you are exactly right. I've wondered for a long time what would happen if someone put together the principles of CQC and internal martial arts. You've done a great job.

I'm on my third copy of "Attack Proof". The first two went to martial artists who were trying to understand how the internal worked. Your explanations are the best I've seen, anywhere, period.
--Rich, MN

I have read through your book twice and your approach is by far the best I've encountered for self-defense. Thanks again for your book. It is among the best instruction manuals I have read on any subject.
--John from Harvard

    "Get real, free your mind."

I have to tell anyone who is serious about not only basic self defense but taking it beyond the limits about ATTACK PROOF. I have worked with members of various military and police organizations over the years while I was employed as a security specialist. As a professional I have seen my share of violent situations. Most of the time my work was routine. When things went out of control they never resembled anything that I studied in the dojo or saw in the many books and videos on martial arts or self defense that I had studied. When I spoke about this to my cohorts they agreed. Last year one of the men told me about ATTACK PROOF. I read it and had to read it again. It took me a bit of time to realize what [those other] books and videos were missing. Most of them were written by people who had mostly dojo experience or only had some military or police background without really mixing it up. The fellows who wrote this book [Attack Proof] have been where I have been and know the difference. The pages are full of great methods to help me hit harder, avoid blows and be on balance far more than before. Get real, free your mind.
--Jack from Texas

OK, I read this and worked the drills. After training in various martial arts including karate, ju jitsu, hapkido, and tai chi, for over 25 years I found these guys out. The book ATTACK PROOF is really a disguise for a formidable martial art. They tell you that the KI Chuan Do is the grease that will make your martial arts work better. This I found is true. I also discovered that Ki Chuan Do can stand alone as a martial art. 

"I did some background checking and called a couple of my marine buddies who told me that they trained with one of their instructors and they said that the Attack Proof instructors refer to themselves with a trade marked label, Martial Realists. The information in this book will not only keep you alive when the dung hits the fan but I found the exercises to really strengthen many of the attributes that my traditional training tries to teach but just misses the mark. I work in law enforcement and have used some of the sensitivity and balance principles to great effect."

I did some background checking and called a couple of my marine buddies who told me that they trained with one of their instructors and they said that the Attack Proof instructors refer to themselves with a trade marked label, Martial Realists. The information in this book will not only keep you alive when the dung hits the fan but I found the exercises to really strengthen many of the attributes that my traditional training tries to teach but just misses the mark. I work in law enforcement and have used some of the sensitivity and balance principles to great effect. The end result of these incidents was less report writing because I did not have to resort to more violent means to take down some attackers. One of these attackers had several years of groundfighting training. After less than 2 seconds I left him on the ground. No I did not have to use my baton, just my hands. These Attack Proof guys are either sneaky or just smart by presenting their book as the Ultimate guide to personal protection while, in essence, it should be called a book on a new martial art. Don't be fooled this is a serious martial art. You can check out and see what you think.
-- Mark from Texas

"At last you demystify the internal martial arts for the average western person..."

First of all THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making this information available to the public! At last you demystify the internal martial arts for the average western person - no more obscure eastern technique names (spitting swallow rises up to meet mating phoenix - 5000 hands of Buddha at heavens gate with dragon bone chi kung hehe ), no more long superfluous forms and no more grasshopper leaves the monastery when he can snatch the pebble stuff. And furthermore, what percentage of the population has the time or desire to become a professional Ultimate Fighter Gorilla Beast Guy just to feel safe on the street? Although it's my dream to be that tough, the reality is I have no where near the natural strength, time to train, or real dedication. I learned this the hard way. Finally a system that doesn't rely on strength and REALLY works immediately! Anyway here is my question-- where has this been all my life? Sorry to seem so enthused but I can't get over how practical and bottom line USEFULL this system is.

I've just read your excellent book and am very impressed. It's good to find that some sense is now being talked with regard to real street defence. I studied martial arts for twenty years and learned the hard way that 99% of it goes out the window in a real fight. I had to break my hands twice before realizing that punches don't work.
--Ken, UK

"I've been reading Attack Proof for a while now, and its the best martial art book I've ever read..."

...mostly because the books I've read include pages and pages of techniques, which I quickly realized wouldn't work with all of the factors of fighting. I'm also quite impressed by the exercises, which I started doing daily, and the sensitivity portions are very intelligent. The video commercial was also very impressive.

 "I'm 70 and have been in gyms all my life; been in judo, tournament Karate (Ed Parker), contact Karate (Oyama) and yours is absolutely the best info I've ever seen. I feel , even at my age, more able to give a good account of myself if  I or my wife were in danger. 
THANK YOU."--T. Smith